About Us

The Heinkel Trojan Club is incorporated in England as a company limited by guarantee.

The Club aims to support its members in their ownership of, and enthusiasm for, Heinkel Trojan ‘Bubblecars’ and Heinkel scooters.

The Club also aims to ensure that owners can keep their vehicles roadworthy by providing a spares service. The spares service’s primary aim is to provide all spares necessary to enable vehicles to be repaired to a standard that meets the UK’s annual road-worthiness test (MOT). Some trim and body parts are also available and more are being researched, sourced and manufactured all the time. The spares are either; old stock which has been purchased from ex-dealers; items the Club has had re-manufactured; modern parts which can be substituted for those no longer available; parts available from the continent; parts which are available but can be only be bought in large quantities or second-hand spares donated to the Club.